The Struggle

         He has never been good completing his assignments on time. The last few weeks; however, he started to get better at timing his homework and bringing in his assignments. He took his time, sat down, put on his headphones and turned on his "learning music". The so called "learning music", how he called it, was Mozart. Mozart helped him to concentrate and come up with genius ideas.
        Starting a new week full of assignments and work said to himself: "I'm going to complete all my work on time". the most challenging assignment this week was to create an essay with misleading hits so the reader didn't expect the ending. This was for sure not an easy task, but it sounded like al ot of fun. He didn't always like to write essays. It started in elementary school, we had one single computer in each classroom and he didn't like writing. to be honest he hated writing. His teacher however was insisting that he kept writing and writing because she thought he was a good writer despited his not existing motivation. Slowly, but surely, he started to love writing fictional and funny essays including a lot of plot twists and unexpected endings. Nothing was able to stop him when he started writing except for technical issues like computer crashes.
       Trying to complete every task before deadline, he sad down at study hall and started his paper. It started off well, his fingers flew over the keyboard and he though faster than he was able to write. Something, however, didn't work in his favor. The computer started to flicker now and then like it was about to die. Being high on thoughts and ideas of this paper, however, he completely ignored the flickering. Going on and on, not stopping, furiously writing his paper full of ideas and thought he had to take a break to take a sip of gatorade and eat half an apple. Looking up from his screen he looked out the window in the complete black of the night and stretched. Stretching his legs, he unplugged the power from his computer. His brain; however, was so occupied with great ideas and thoughts for the paper, he didn't notice.
        Continuing his writing riot his ideas suddenly came to an abrupt stop. His brain was empty and he didn't know what to write anymore. His hands stood still and his brain adopted the speed of a snail. He couldn't believe it, this never happened to him. Not when he was writing, he knew this could happen when he tried to do math, but while writing, no. He was speechless. But then he had an idea, he closed his eyes for thirty seconds an listened to his music. It wasn't called "learning music" without reason.
       Diving into his imagination he completely let go of any thoughts he had and enjoyed the peace of imagination. His mind went off to all sorts of places. He thought about home, about his grandfather and how they hunted together. He thought about how beautiful music is and that he still had some apple between his teeth what annoyed him to death. He returned to reality, got rid of the pieces of apple between his teeth and started writing again, not realizing how dangerously low his battery already was.
         Continuing where he left off, his fresh mind came up with so many more ideas on how to make this beautiful piece of paper art. Finally reaching the two page mark, he could possibly come to an end like he always did. Just enough so that the teacher won't say anything about it but never more than requested. This time, however, he was on a roll and just kept writing, the battery being close to death. Taking a look at what he has done so far he smiled. He liked how he hid the little hints about the devastating end this all could come to. This was the longest paper he'd written so far and it wouldn't' change too soon with him being the laziest person on earth. His computer, however, was about to die! 
        The smile on his face slowly disappeared, it turned to an angry stare as it happened. He would never have guessed that this would happen, it was his worst nightmare. His heart stopped for a few seconds and his face froze, he couldn't believe this was happening. Not to him, not now, it was the worst point in time this could happen. It meant so much to him, more than he cared to admit. His favorite soccer team was losing! 
        Waking up from his numbness he quickly finished his paper and plugged in his power device so he could watch the game. He couldn't sit there any longer seeing his team losing, he closed his laptop and went to sleep. Only one thing went in his favor today, he finished all his assignments.

Jonas Roquette '16