Then & Now

Beautiful, soft yellow
Lacy white trim
Mahogany front door
brass knocker on the rim
Friendly new neighbors bringing pie
up the steps, they whistle “hi, hi!”
Lemonade and satin gloves
The air is thick with the haze of love
Newly wed couple, cans banging down the street
to their new mansion, from her father it’s a treat.
That night they fall asleep, in their large, soft bed
Luxurious Egyptian cotton and downy cashmere red.
Light curtains blow in the breeze of the large open sash
Suddenly, downstairs, they hear a large crash.
The chandelier cord is sliced, glittering beads lay on the floor.
The couple is startled awake and they hear even more!
Smashing glass and splintering wood, 
oh could it get any worse? It could.
A dark shadow hovers above the canopy of gauze
And upon the light skin of the newlyweds, the phantom’s knife, it draws.
Vandalism, no preservation
The house’s previous renovation
seeks rejuvenation.
The house is in shambles, a thousand years later.
Kids running down the street avoid, none of them the braver
For at night the glow of white lingers in the windows of the 
expelling the sweet scent of the summer’s floral perfume.

Ella Fields '18