Yew Nork

The click of heels and the shuffle of feet
Mark the bustle of an impatient day
Through the soft strum of a prominent beat.

Sour trash and fruit rot in merciless heat
While scents of honeyed tulips waft astray;
Mingled in smoke from stained lips in back seats.

Clammy hands make use of sweaty retreats
To the safety of pockets kept at bay
From buoyant passersby anxious to meet.

Mouths hide the hushed murmurs of the discrete
That speak of the games secret lovers play
In the perplexing world of the elite.

Bitter tastes crave the release of a treat
Of sensuous smells so merrily gay
That they beg turned buds for a bite to eat.

Behind grand towers the city does cheat,
In masking hidden ruins of the fray.
Yet your melancholic lull does secrete
That tunes of a unified world are sweet.

Rachel Jurek '15

The Abyss

Floating weightless in a confused abyss
Surrounded by the changing winds of time.
I inquire for answers that persist;
What are these strange befuddled thoughts of mine?

Vision clears only to darken once more
As I become blinded by suspicion.
Struggling through mirrored haze I do abhor;
Why do these eyes lack faith in commission?

Limbs have grown numb from lack of gravity.
I beg you for a sturdy handhold in
The infinite of this duality;
When will my feet find rugged ground again?

Adrift in this beautiful chaos I
kiss my fatuous sanity goodbye.

Rachel Jurek '15 

The Plea

Entities await your rapacious feet
That evade the rich and ransack the poor.
Your shadows burgundy on limpid sheets
As you relentlessly slam gated doors.  

Your hands suffocate with eager fingers,
Bruising the tainted light of hopeful dreams.
We run reckless in fear of what lingers
As the hearts of the aghast scream.

We are puppets played by twisted heartstrings
of your revolting breathes requisition.
At your hand the song of the faithful swings
To falter quietly from rendition.

I beg mercy of your sadistic gaze
Yet plead pity when failing heart obeys.

Rachel Jurek '15

Sitting Duck

Plumed feathers rustle
In gentle appreciation
Of each others company;
They love freely without hesitation.  

Not a wandering thought
While by each others side,
For hearts held synchronized harmonies;
Their love devout without thoughts of why.

Until the day came
When a revving beast
Tore limb from limb
Of the deceased.

Nothing is as sad a sight to see
As a sitting goose.
Alone on the side of the road
Scarred by thoughts of her husband’s noose.

For in her mind the spot where he had left
Still bled the devils immorality.
So here she sat through wax and wane
Unwilling to budge the stubborn heart of loyalty.

For nothing is as sad a sight to see
As a sitting goose.
Alone on the side of the road
Scarred by thoughts of her husband’s noose.

Rachel Jurek '15