Learning to Look Up - Evelyn Turnbaugh '17

The sky broke into a full sunset,
and the trees caught its fire
Why doesn’t anyone ever look up?
When the wind pushed the clouds across the horizon
Their eyes remained on the dirt and dust
And when the sun lit their faces in a golden glow
Expecting to see smiles from the warmth,
their feet shuffled along
Their mouths remained grim,
so the sky darkened
But before the sun dropped beyond the trees of ash,
the lights of heaven flooded the sky,
with color deeper than the eyes can perceive
And for once, their eyes found the sky
Searching through the infinite colors,
smiles broke through their faces
Finally seeing their own warmth,
the sun slept
With fire in their minds the blackness of night was lit by stars
Each one made from the eyes that never left the sky,
that lifted themselves from the dust
To catch its fire
Then make their own