Forget-Me-Not - Olivia Berger '16

     I reached into my satin basket and carefully dropped the blue petals on the church floor, making sure they were equally spaced in the isle. My friends and family whispered about my cuteness but I couldn’t let them distract me. The petals fell through my fingers in a happy waterfall, dancing on their way down. I had ten more feet until the altar and was determined to make the way perfect for my mother. I turned around and everyone stood. I saw my mother slowly progressing towards me. Her hair was artfully curled, and her dainty fingers grasped a bouquet of forget-me-nots that matched her striking blue eyes. Her angelic dress fluttered like there was a mysterious wind that graced only her. I heard a light murmur of laughter and looked around, only to see my brother destroying my magnificent pathway of petals. He was picking them up and looking up at me with an eager, helpful expression. My mother giggled and whispered something in his ear. His innocent blue eyes grew wide and he quickly dropped his handful on the floor. My masterpiece was officially ruined. I stood there glaring at Hanz, ready to throw down at any further indication of mischief.
     She reached the altar and passed her bouquet to her maid of honor, who had tears forming in her awaiting eyes. She leaned in for a hug and my mother smiled, embracing her best friend. She let go and began walking towards her fiance. She smiled lovingly at me; the light crowned her like a goddess. I turned to the crowd. Everyone's eyes were glistening, and their smiles seemed permanently imprinted on their face. I saw my grandparents holding hands, gleaming at their daughter. My brother was distracted with the bibles in the pews while Thomas’s mother urged him to pay attention. I spun back towards my mom; Thomas reached for her hands, cooly winked at me, then grinned at my mother. “Dear Heavenly father, we have gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of  Thomas Wels and Kelly Hayes and give recognition to the worth and beauty of love.”