Landscape Poem - Iain Frumiento '19

The smells of the juicy steak
rushing out from the kitchen
to warn everyone studying hard
that lunch is near.

But when I step outside
and take a moment to look around
I notice that there is
not a single wild animal
is calling for it’s friends
or just singing it’s songs.

It makes me wonder
that we the people
are guilty of many wrongdoings
even if it benefits us,
it may not please the others.

The birds carry their twig houses off somewhere else,
the ants build houses deeper underground,
the foxes make new kitchens in different trees
because we have disrupted their homes.

Humans don’t destroy everything though.
The mountains haven’t flattened,
The trees still create breathtaking scenes,
and people still smell the flowers.
The grass is like a damp rug,
where we all have fun and play games,
and the wind still blows on the weathervane
like it always has, unchanged.

The main message to you is
that we the people do not live alone.
If you are playing with your pets,
watching birds eat seeds,
or chasing squirrels away,
Just remember to stop and think
of the juicy steak that waits in the kitchen
and realize that we always have company over
no matter where we are in the world.