Our World

The rain keeps falling from the sky
It’s pouring down from the crying heavens
Just like our troubles are falling down
Let’s all go outside

They have always been suppressing us
They never let us breathe
So we shall look for a better tomorrow
Let’s all go outside

It started with a war, seven years of pain
And now they’re demanding us to pay
We await a cold future if nothing happens
Let’s all wait outside

The enemy lives inside our walls
He hears all of what we say
And we know he’ll lure us out to them
Let’s all go outside

And so we first demanded our rights
In front of the governors house
The blood of the cold world pushed us back
So that we won’t return outside

Then they wanted us to pay again
But we will not accept this anymore
We have gladly returned their tea to them
We have returned outside

And now they’re claiming we need to be punished
We, who claimed our rights
Now we starve without our port
Let’s all go outside

And now they’re claiming we’re liars
That our trials were unfair
They now murder and get away with it
Let’s all go outside

And now they’re claiming we’re unable to govern ourselves
They sent us a general who shall bring justice
But we don’t believe their lies anymore
Let’s all go outside

And now they’re taking away our land
And give it back to the ones we had to take it from on their command
They even allowed the ones we flew from to settle there
Let’s all go outside

Let us not accept this fate of misery
Let us claim what should be supposed to be ours
Let’s make our home our home
Let’ all go outside

The new tomorrow awaits
All we need to do
Is to step out of our houses and ally ourselves
Let’s fight for our freedom