Snowfall - Mitch Spurr '16

     As the end of the day draws closer the clouds begin to blanket the turning sky and the sun hides behind the trees. The trees give the warning signs of a storm, bending and cracking as if to suggest to seek shelter. The air is bitter cold, as I am walking to my car the first snowflakes begin to fall. The snow sticks and covers the ground leaving the imprints of my past behind with each new step. When I arrive at my house the snow is really falling. I exit my car and begin a walk down my road in the darkness. Nothing but the lone, glowing streetlight illuminates my path.
    The eye of the storm has arrived and the snow falls viciously from the sky under the cover of intense darkness. It is strangely quiet, walking down my road the sound of the outside world seems to stand still. I no longer hear the trees or my footsteps. The only sound comes from the thoughts in my head racing like cars on a track. The occasional thunder of a plow truck blocks my thoughts, but only for a brief moment, then back to silence. My breath forms fading clouds in front of my face during each exhale. 
    On my journey home my recent footprints have already been erased by the newly fallen snow. The darkness has reached a peak, the street light just as dark, allowing the moon to light my path home. The thoughts in my head have ceased and there is no sound. The silent storm follows me to the porch of my house where the first sound of a creaking floor board breaks the silence, and I return to reality.