Trails - Pablo Hererra '17

    Only a few months ago, I would wake up every morning and get on a car for close to an hour just to get to school. Along the way, I would hear the sound of cars honking, my little brother’s loud music blasting in the car, and many other sounds would pollute the environment as my day went by. I would see tall buildings everywhere I looked, people rushing down the streets talking on their phones and everyone seemed to always be in a hurry everywhere that they were going. It's hard to believe that I went from that to living in the middle of the forest in Maine. At first, the thought of being so isolated and so far away from life as I knew it terrified me. That is until I spent a couple of hours in the trails, of course.
    The thought of taking a walk in the forest before coming to Hebron always meant packing my bags, getting in a car, and driving for three hours to the nearest campsite, just to see what I can see here by looking out my window. More than once, I have been unable to be productive just because there are so many things running through my head that I stop functioning properly. Only recently, however, I realized how lucky I was to have a place where I can sit down and not hear anyone or anything that wasn't completely natural. It only takes a five minute walk in the trails to reach what I'm sure is the calmest and most peaceful place in the world. I would have never thought that I would enjoy a big rock as much as I enjoy a boulder of the side of one of the trails at Hebron. Most people find one spot that they like and they keep coming back to that same spot every time. I found out that the forest is way too big for that. Why stop at one big rock when there are plenty of big rocks out there waiting to be sat on?
    Although being in the trails is amazing, the walk back from there is always where the magic happens. This is when I'm feeling the best because I have already reflected on everything that was on my mind and on everything that was bothering me at the time. Coming back means that I have let it all out. Coming back means that I’m feeling completely fresh and ready to get back to reality in the best state of mind that I can possibly be in.