Me Then. Me Now - Pedro Crespo Delgado '18


Me then. 

Oh god, he was innocent. He would believe anything anyone would tell him. Everything he heard he would believe it. He couldn’t lie, so he couldn’t understand why others would.He didn’t even know what a lie was. He was carefree; he had nothing to worry about but to have fun. He was as noisy as a thunder and as destructive as a tornado. He would turn everything upside down to be with his family. He used to be wild, because he didn’t value many of the things close to him. His mother would teach him that lesson with patience and time.His mom did really well on that. He was LIGHT, no problems on his mind, no muscle or fat. He was light as a leaf floating down from the branch of the tree.


Me Now.

The leaf touched the ground and became all dirty with mud and became heavy with rain. The leaf was not bright anymore. He was seasoned,experience, hardened.

That was his change. Now he’s locked in problems and concerns, and sometimes forgets how to have fun. Sometimes he thinks he made the wrong choices and the worst of all, he thinks he can’t mend them. But he is still hopeful that one day these problems will disappear because he finally took the right choice, hoping he will one day get on the right lane. Now he has goals, targets, and he’s aiming but unable to shoot because of fear. This is today; we’ll see about tomorrow.