Me Then, Me Now - Tyler Swanbeck '18

Me Then

There he goes, six year old, Tyler Swanbeck. He was the little boy in the green sports shorts that hang right down to the tops of his knees. He could run all day with his friends, across the fluffy light green grass with not a care in the world. He ran so fast that the soft wind blew into his face with force that made him feel like he was running through time because he was going “so fast”. It made him feel like Flash, the fastest man on earth; it made him feel unstoppable. Then, after hours upon hours of playing games in the yard, the boy began to slow down. He found he had to stop. He couldn’t go on. It was as if exhaustion was the boy’s worst enemy, his arch nemesis. Over the next few years of the boy’s childhood, he and his nemesis fought day after day. While the boy won the day, the enemy won the night. It was as if the balance of life was restored when the little boy’s foe conquered him in battle because he always felt recharged and fueled in the morning; ready to fight another day.

Me Now

There he goes, sixteen year old Tyler Swanbeck. He isn’t the little boy he used to be. He is now a sophomore in high school who is beginning to think about the next phase in his life, the process of college. He is a long ways off, but his life couldn’t be moving faster. He isn’t the unstoppable little boy in the top of the knee high green shorts, who runs on the light and fluffy green grass with his friends all the day long anymore. He has grown up just like everyone else. But his longtime foe, exhaustion, has become stronger and stronger over the years, with the help of his minions, school, family, and the dedication it takes to strive for his goals. He is beginning to wear Tyler down, but the nearly grown up little boy has also gotten stronger, and continues to fight back, now whether it be day or night. Along the way he has said goodbye to his childhood friends, but has made new ones. He has left his old childhood home where he felt safe from the outside world, but moved into a new one. His life has changed, but for the good. He now has a great opportunity to strive to accomplish his goals and dreams and become the man that he wants to be. The man that the little boy who ran with the soft wind in his face only dreamt about being, a super hero. Not a real super hero, but a hero to the ones that look up to him. He now has two little brothers and wants to set a good example for them. When his foe comes around, he will be ready; to fight another day. But he has found a counter weapon, rest.