Metamorphosis - Ying Qiao Wang '18

When YingQiao woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous earthworm. He found that it’s hard for him to stretch his body as usual and he was closely lying on the mattress. “What’s wrong with me?” He asked in his mind. “Why can I stretch myself?” “Why am I standing on the mattress?” He felt so weird to everything just happened.

    The time was already 8:00AM as he was still wondering what happened. He hears that sound from the main school building, and it feels so annoying and noisy. “Why do I feel so annoyed when I hear this sound? I can not be like this.” But he could not continue to think anymore. He needs to go to class. He crept down from the bed, and tries to carry his backpack, but he found that he was too small and not even reach the 1/10 height of this backpack. “Oh no….. Are you serious… There’s no way I can carry this giant object…. But I still needs to try because the world literature class is going to start…” So he crept up to the top, and tries to drag that backpack in order to let it move, but he failed and he fell down from the backpack. “Ohhhh… So hurt!” He thought, “ I must carry this to the class!” So tries again, with same consequence--- He fell down. This time, he actually hurt himself, but there’s no symptom showing that he’s hurt. He gave up this thought and go to the classes with a hurt body. He climbed off the room through the window. He found himself in a bigger and moist world. It rained last night. Everything in this world, plants, nature, becomes aattraction that he never felt before. “Wow, It’s so beautiful! I hope I can stay in here instead of going to the classes.” He thought, but then he changed his thought “ What’s wrong with me? Why those normal trees, dirts, becomes so attractive to me? Why do I want to burrow into the ground? It’s just the same normal environment that I will see everyday.” But his body is honest. He actually burrowed into the ground before he realized he shouldn’t do this. He climbed out from the ground, and continuing on his way to class.

           When he reached the school building, the stairs in front of him become a big problem for him. He needs to creep up each steps, not like he used to which is just step up quickly. Now he becomes so slow that he can not even wait. “Come on…. Just move up.. I need to go to class before 8:30am or I will get a tardy unexcused….” But his body won’t listen to him. He is still creeping. He accepted this, and calm down, just wait for himself to creep up. Finally he reached the classroom and he crept up to the table where he sits. A classmate screamed : “See! There’s an earthworm on the table! Aaaaaahhhhh….” Ms. Waterman then noticed me, and she seems scared by me as well. But she deal it with a complete different way, she pulled off a tissue, then he seems realized what she is going, and tries to say: “stop Ms. Waterman, I’m one of your student...” But she seems not understand and covered that tissue over his body………..