The Little Boy in the Moon - Emily Thompson '17

    Looking down, he could see the watery blue-green orb, he seemed tethered to it somehow.  Every day it was there, never moving except to spiral around its self.  If he really focused he could see the details of what Mother Nature had blessed this planet with, and what he so wished his own home could have.  Unfortunately all he was a boy who sat on the Moon and he had no ability to do anything but dream in the night and sleep in the day.

           One of the many things he loved about Mother Nature was the many plants and greenery she gave the Earth.  He felt that if could walk through one of her forests he could feel the life humming through the roots and leaves of all the plants.  Those big as giants and those tiny as ants were all just as fascinating as anything he had ever known.  He could feel the brush of a leaf against his arm or the rough bark beneath his fingers all with the power of his mind.  He could also imagine how these things could smell.  They smelled so pleasant and fresh that they filled his whole body and mind.  The smell was intoxicating and he did not even know how they truly smelled, only what he thought their scent might be.  Although the plants were on of his favorite things, they were not the only of Mother Nature’s creations that dominated his dreams.

           The Earth was home to many animals as well, so many kinds that it was impossible to count them all.  There were mammals, insects, sea animals and many more.  His favorite, at least this week, were the sea animals.  They were majestic and had such a free life, they were not contained as he was to the moon.  They had the ability to venture wherever they pleased among their watery home.

    He craved the freedom the animals had.  He craved the life and beauty of the plants and forest.  He craved mother nature.  Earth’s inhabitants often said to “shoot for the moon” to achieve their dreams, but he knew they should really say “shoot for the moon, but cherish the Earth.”  Only he, the little boy in the moon, knew truly how lonely the moon could be.