Kiss of Hope - Sophie List '19

The sun kisses my thighs and

the wind braids my hair.

Our eyes and our lips glisten from

the kiss of hope that still lingers.

A young boy giggles to himself as he leans upon a grave.

And then I am

harshly thrown back into the reality.

Where the grass is no longer green

but it decays from the secrets that it keeps.

And where we stare forward blankly

because our minds no longer work correctly

And where

the sun can't kiss and the wind can't braid.

The Hermit Crab - Eliza Quinones '19

The hard sand scraping upon my naked back,

Burns like a complete blue flame.

Happiness crashes onto the shore,

Only feet away.


But I must not seek this life,

Until I have found a home.


I have tried many times before,

To find with whom I belong.

Some tell me to take my happiness,

To live a good life in the waves.

But what good would it be,

Without something to share with?


The voyage may be long,

Painful, even killing,

But once I find the one I love,

I can step into the water.

Fall - Peyton Spurr '19

the wind blows

rustling leaves

cooling skin

blowing hair


cars drive past

struggling to get up the hill

accelerating down the hill

exposing fumes into the air around us


looking ahead of me I see trees

and trees

and houses

so far in the distance I can put my finger up

close one eye

and in comparison the house is smaller


I see trees changing color

people skittering about to class

butterflies and birds

clouds dissipating into thin air


bugs swarm my head as I bat them away

bees curiously land and fly away

ants prancing about


the sun warms my skin

the air so crisp, cools my back


Nature's Beauty - Jose Pablo Bello '19

When the grass is dry
leaves fall and the wind blows.

When it goes dry and cold.
It feels as if you were bald

Laying in the soft grass, a man
maybe as close to its beginning state
as to get a taste of nature's bait.
Taking the taste of natures beauty
Can lead you to forget about your duty
Make you live this life in which you
Barely survive, forget and regret,
that cold sweat you get when you
Remember the the warmth of the ember,

The taste of loneliness my chase
am man to insanity and forget about humanity.


Me Then, Me Now - Tyler Swanbeck '18

Me Then

There he goes, six year old, Tyler Swanbeck. He was the little boy in the green sports shorts that hang right down to the tops of his knees. He could run all day with his friends, across the fluffy light green grass with not a care in the world. He ran so fast that the soft wind blew into his face with force that made him feel like he was running through time because he was going “so fast”. It made him feel like Flash, the fastest man on earth; it made him feel unstoppable. Then, after hours upon hours of playing games in the yard, the boy began to slow down. He found he had to stop. He couldn’t go on. It was as if exhaustion was the boy’s worst enemy, his arch nemesis. Over the next few years of the boy’s childhood, he and his nemesis fought day after day. While the boy won the day, the enemy won the night. It was as if the balance of life was restored when the little boy’s foe conquered him in battle because he always felt recharged and fueled in the morning; ready to fight another day.

Me Now

There he goes, sixteen year old Tyler Swanbeck. He isn’t the little boy he used to be. He is now a sophomore in high school who is beginning to think about the next phase in his life, the process of college. He is a long ways off, but his life couldn’t be moving faster. He isn’t the unstoppable little boy in the top of the knee high green shorts, who runs on the light and fluffy green grass with his friends all the day long anymore. He has grown up just like everyone else. But his longtime foe, exhaustion, has become stronger and stronger over the years, with the help of his minions, school, family, and the dedication it takes to strive for his goals. He is beginning to wear Tyler down, but the nearly grown up little boy has also gotten stronger, and continues to fight back, now whether it be day or night. Along the way he has said goodbye to his childhood friends, but has made new ones. He has left his old childhood home where he felt safe from the outside world, but moved into a new one. His life has changed, but for the good. He now has a great opportunity to strive to accomplish his goals and dreams and become the man that he wants to be. The man that the little boy who ran with the soft wind in his face only dreamt about being, a super hero. Not a real super hero, but a hero to the ones that look up to him. He now has two little brothers and wants to set a good example for them. When his foe comes around, he will be ready; to fight another day. But he has found a counter weapon, rest.

Me Then. Me Now - Pedro Crespo Delgado '18


Me then. 

Oh god, he was innocent. He would believe anything anyone would tell him. Everything he heard he would believe it. He couldn’t lie, so he couldn’t understand why others would.He didn’t even know what a lie was. He was carefree; he had nothing to worry about but to have fun. He was as noisy as a thunder and as destructive as a tornado. He would turn everything upside down to be with his family. He used to be wild, because he didn’t value many of the things close to him. His mother would teach him that lesson with patience and time.His mom did really well on that. He was LIGHT, no problems on his mind, no muscle or fat. He was light as a leaf floating down from the branch of the tree.


Me Now.

The leaf touched the ground and became all dirty with mud and became heavy with rain. The leaf was not bright anymore. He was seasoned,experience, hardened.

That was his change. Now he’s locked in problems and concerns, and sometimes forgets how to have fun. Sometimes he thinks he made the wrong choices and the worst of all, he thinks he can’t mend them. But he is still hopeful that one day these problems will disappear because he finally took the right choice, hoping he will one day get on the right lane. Now he has goals, targets, and he’s aiming but unable to shoot because of fear. This is today; we’ll see about tomorrow.

Maine - Magnolia Kinasewich '19

As I see the clouds,

I feel the wind

Trees beyond as far as an eye can see

Nothing but nature.


Happiness and Peace.

This is the way

Life should be.


Crisp cold air sweeping across my face,

Changing the color of the leaves.

Feet brushing against the grass.

This is the way

Life should be.


The light blue sky

With the white puffy clouds

Leaves falling on the grass.

Large green trees blowing the opposite direction

Of the wind.

Ants crawling across your face.

This is the way

Life should be.

Nature's Crumbling Perfection - Liam George '19

Forest so vast, mountains so high

people are so small, with nature by its side.


Trees so tall, endless in life

someone cuts it down, and ruins a perfect sight.


Wind whistling through the leaves, so peaceful and calm

roar of a motorcycle ruins nature song.


While looking at nature, instead of seeing beauty we see potential

why turn a forest into a mall for some else's pleasure.

Landscape Poem - Iain Frumiento '19

The smells of the juicy steak
rushing out from the kitchen
to warn everyone studying hard
that lunch is near.

But when I step outside
and take a moment to look around
I notice that there is
not a single wild animal
is calling for it’s friends
or just singing it’s songs.

It makes me wonder
that we the people
are guilty of many wrongdoings
even if it benefits us,
it may not please the others.

The birds carry their twig houses off somewhere else,
the ants build houses deeper underground,
the foxes make new kitchens in different trees
because we have disrupted their homes.

Humans don’t destroy everything though.
The mountains haven’t flattened,
The trees still create breathtaking scenes,
and people still smell the flowers.
The grass is like a damp rug,
where we all have fun and play games,
and the wind still blows on the weathervane
like it always has, unchanged.

The main message to you is
that we the people do not live alone.
If you are playing with your pets,
watching birds eat seeds,
or chasing squirrels away,
Just remember to stop and think
of the juicy steak that waits in the kitchen
and realize that we always have company over
no matter where we are in the world.

Landscape Poem - Leah Bonis '19

and the wind was
rolling and whispering over an ocean of dreams. 
the trees
ebbing and flowing, my eye barely reaching over the swell. 
then over the ledge. 
birds swallowed violently by a starving expanse of evergreen. moss cracked into irreparable fractions. 
then to the sky. 
the moon a mere shadow of its former glory, starving and wane as it fades into the light. 
and then to the mind. 
where you stumble upon the wide expanse of human emotion. 
tumbling, twisting, and unraveling into mangled and twisted up knots. 
                                                                                         - l. 


Our World

The rain keeps falling from the sky
It’s pouring down from the crying heavens
Just like our troubles are falling down
Let’s all go outside

They have always been suppressing us
They never let us breathe
So we shall look for a better tomorrow
Let’s all go outside

It started with a war, seven years of pain
And now they’re demanding us to pay
We await a cold future if nothing happens
Let’s all wait outside

The enemy lives inside our walls
He hears all of what we say
And we know he’ll lure us out to them
Let’s all go outside

And so we first demanded our rights
In front of the governors house
The blood of the cold world pushed us back
So that we won’t return outside

Then they wanted us to pay again
But we will not accept this anymore
We have gladly returned their tea to them
We have returned outside

And now they’re claiming we need to be punished
We, who claimed our rights
Now we starve without our port
Let’s all go outside

And now they’re claiming we’re liars
That our trials were unfair
They now murder and get away with it
Let’s all go outside

And now they’re claiming we’re unable to govern ourselves
They sent us a general who shall bring justice
But we don’t believe their lies anymore
Let’s all go outside

And now they’re taking away our land
And give it back to the ones we had to take it from on their command
They even allowed the ones we flew from to settle there
Let’s all go outside

Let us not accept this fate of misery
Let us claim what should be supposed to be ours
Let’s make our home our home
Let’ all go outside

The new tomorrow awaits
All we need to do
Is to step out of our houses and ally ourselves
Let’s fight for our freedom