A Song of Praise for Our So-Called President - Carlo Kobe '19

Donald Trump was chosen by the electoral college,
And that has to be acknowledged,
However with the Popular Vote,
He had troubles like with his inauguration quote


A couple weeks into his administration
It already feels like a complete mutation,
The land of immigrants now enclosed,
A wall being build with purpose unexposed,
The Mexicans are gonna pay for it,
In the same world Sweden took a hit.


He also choose a punching ball,
Which is Cnn, the times and fake news at all,
Alternative Facts seems to be his way,
To let Kellyanne Conway deny the hairspray,
Spicer at the same time tells the press,
All about Donald trump's success
As well as his wardrobe,
Which apparently does not include a Bathrobe


The achievements trump reported in his Congress speech,
Caused democratic distress and bleach,
His pick for Supreme Court, Justice Gorsuch,
Says to all babies more such
Trump has similar respect for the other sex,
Which is why he touches them between their legs,


The environment is his favorite issue,
Because he wishes to:
Feel all temperatures like in Mar-a-Lago,
Where he often goes, taking Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in his cargo,
Supposedly you can take a selfie there,
With the person carrying a bag full of nuclear warfare,
As well as a idiotic billionaire,
wearing a tie, which covers more than his ideas for medical care.