TV Head Trio - Ashe Angevine '18

It was just a normal day, nothing new really happening for the smallest, and youngest tv head child, Clay. Clay never spoke much, and even when they did all that came out were robotic noises. Instead, they use words to project on their screen, where the mouth should be. Anyways, Clay was just walking around the neighborhood with two other TV heads, Psyche and Tabetha.


Today is a nice day. It’s clear and sunny and it makes my whole body warm up, but in a good way. I get to walk with Psyche and Tabetha too. They’re practically like sisters to me. Wer’re not blood related at all, but we all live in the same house with Mama. It’s kinda weird.  I hope we see a cat on our way to the store. Psyche doesn’t like them, but I don’t mind. Psyche doesn’t seem to like me that much. Mama said it was a phase. I hope it i-!


...Oh dear…


“Ok, so I’m getting the milk and all the dairy things over there, right?”

“Yeah, and I’m getting the fruit and flour.”

Psyche and I were just discussing who was getting what at the store for mom. I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t take the car though. Considering we’re getting a bit of groceries.

“One more thing. Since we’re separating, you should take Clay.”

I almost stopped walking. A bit of anger was starting to build up inside me. Psyche never liked Clay for god knows what reason. I turned my head to her with a confused look, but I’m not that dumb. “But why? I spent a lot more time with them than you-”


We both froze for a second. That didn’t sound good at all as fear built up in my stomach. We both turned around, finding Clay on the ground screen first. They eventually got up, but their screen was cracked, and awful too. Tears began to show up, but they looked much distorted and out of place.

I heard Psyche mutter “Holy shit” behind me, but ignored it. I carefully picked Clay up, brushing dirt off their sweatshirt before giving them a hug. They shuttered in my arms, but I just muttered that it’s gonna be okay. Looks like we’re gonna have to go to the repair shop too.

“Well, they’re not bleeding, so let’s get a move on.”

That’s it. I had enough.

I spun around quickly, and I just, snapped. “What is your deal with them!? They broke their screen and this is how you react to it?!”

“Oh, c’mon! It’s a screen. I have one, you have one. It can get repaired.”

“That doesn’t. Answer. My question,” I shouted, “Clay’s been nothing but nice to you, and this is how you repay them? You treat them like they ruined your relationship with Eros-”


A buzz, then her screen went black. She short-circuited again. Thank god we got that automatic jump starter for her…


I was just screaming just a second ago, but the next moment I was...restarting? Jesus Christ, I did it again.

I looked at Tab for a sec, and she looks pissed, arms crossed and her screen getting red. I let out a sigh.

“Okay, okay, fine. Don’t get angry, alright? Clay, I’m sorry for what I said”


“We’re all not perfect,” I knocked on the side of my own head a couple of times. It’s hard to see, but it looked like Clay’s screen was blushing. That’s a good sign.


“Jesus, Tab, What else do you want?”

“Hug them,” She was serious in her voice,  jerking her head a little bit to Clay, “Now.”

“Okay, okay! No need to get bossy..” I walked over, giving Clay a hug. Guess I’m not the only one with Mom’s temper. “Is this better now, your majesty?” I turned back over to Tabetha. She nodded her head, giggling a bit.

“Well, let’s get a move on, yeah?”

Clay nodded as well as Tabetha. And off we went again.


Good thing that ended quickly. It was pretty quiet the rest of the way to Tony’s fix-ups, the repair shop. “Hey Psyche,” She turned her head to me, “While we’re here, we should get a checkup for your jump starter.”

She nodded, opening the door to the shop. I don’t really like it here. It smells like oil, dirt, and glass polish. I run the bell, the radio changing and some footsteps were getting louder. Soon enough Tony, the radio himself, was behind the counter.

“Well, well! If it isn’t the wondrous tv-trio!” He practically shouted, feeling Clay hiding from behind me. Tony must’ve saw, cause he started to speak quieter.

“So what’re we here for today? Auto jump check-up?” He looked over at Psyche, who was looking at me almost in a panic.

“That’s one reason,” I said with confidence, “We also had, uh, an accident…”

I pulled Clay to my side, watching Tony’s body language go from energetic to sympathy almost immediately.

“Oh dear….” His voice was a bit quiet. I guess he has a soft spot for Clay. He placed his fingers against their head, tilting a bit to inspect the situation.

“Hmm...I can definitely replace the screen…” He spoke lowly, his hands returning to the counter, “In fact, I’ll do it free of charge! Just leave these two here and give me about 45 minutes.” That’s good. I decided to leave the two at the shop while I went to get food, since the grocery store is right across the street.

Once I got all the groceries, I went back to Tony’s, picked up the other two with a sigh and went home.

The end