Missing Scenes: The Crucible - Trevor Sours '18

A cloudy night. The moon is not visible, so there is little light that lights Salem. Enter Hale, walking by Parris’s house with a lantern to head to his house. Parris see’s him and exits his house to greet him.

Parris: Hale? Hale is that you?

Hale: Aye, it be me.

Parris: Could I have a word. Shouldn’t take much time.

Hale: What would you like to discuss?

Parris: You see, they are to start executing people next week. All of them who had been accused of witchcraft.

Hale: What would this have to do with me.

Parris: I would like your help to convince these people to plea guilty

Hale: Outraged Why should I? All those people are innocent. They are blamed so other people could have their land or for another reason. You want me to just go in there and say that they should all-

Parris: Cutting him off  Hear me out. It is unfortunate that they are in jail for this but I do not believe they should die for it.

Hale: Ok, but the other option is a life in prison

Parris: Seems like that would be a better option than death.

Enter Abigail with a lantern and a small bag.

Parris: Abigail, go back inside. I will be back in a minute

Abigail: Sorry, I was just wondering is I could go to Mercy and stay the night.

Parris: Right now?

Abigail: Preferably

Parris: Well, alright, make sure you are back for lunch tomorrow

Abigail: Aye, I will be, Thank you.

Abigail disappears down the road

Hale: You have a point. But how do you expect me to get into the prison?

Parris: I would let you in.

Hale: Isn’t it trespassing
Parris: Aye, it may be. But I will defend you. I doubt they would hang you for it considering they are already hanging so many for this madness.

Hale stops to think about this for a moment

Hale: What would I say? How can I convince these people to admit to something they never did or never will do.

Parris: I don’t know. They won’t listen to me.

Hale: Who have they hanged so far.

Parris: None yet. However Giles is dead. They will--

Hale: What? they already hanged Giles? He is not even part of the witchcraft.

Parris: You haven’t head? They tortured him cause he would not plead guilty or not guilty. He was crushed. His last words were “More Weight”

Hales: This is outrageous pausing for a moment Alright. I will be there in the morning

Parris: Thank you Hale.

Hale continues down the road. As Parris is about to turn around and head back into his house, Betty comes running out of his house.

Betty: Someone broke into your lockbox and took everything?

Parris: astonished What!

Betty: I don’t know who, come see for yourself.

Betty and Paris rush back into the house as the last thing that is heard is the door slammed shut.