Poem inspired by Maya Angelou - Morgan Prentice '19

What has been built from the past?
I was hoping by now this time would wash away by salt and rain,
Where strangers could greet strangers and give a helping hand,
But instead we form an image of two separate lands,
People are people why can they not see?
No matter how dark we crave our needs,
We long for an equal world,
Where those of both sides can come together,
But we must work as one to fix the cracks.

Down in the Valley - Casey Chizmazia '19

Where the trout stream lay
That's where I call home
As I see my childhood days gone by
Amongst the willows I roam

I come upon a weathered stump
My memory recalls a full grown tree
In my throat there is a lump
This is where my freedom used to be

Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of a of toy dogs
It seems that this place of freedom is now for someone new
I hope to always remember this solidarity for it it never fogs  
It seems like forever ever ago oh how this time flew

Time - Franceska Halloran '19

As the sun sinks by the sea
My heart stops.
Realizing its my love not here with me
I don't like waking up in the morning,
With my love not next to me.

Your name in my heart,
Will forever stay,
The memories we made
Will not go away

Love arrives
and in its train come ecstasies
old memories of pleasure
ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold,
love strikes away the chains of fear
from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity
In the flush of love's light
we dare be brave
And suddenly we see
that love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets us free.

Bubbles - Eliza Quinones '19

In bubbly dream, he saw stars through the night
Stumbling every step he would make
His feelings of loss he would always fight
To ease the pain, another drink he would take
On an endless record his thoughts would play
Of his mistress, who lived by his side
Now cold and heartless she will forever stay
Behind the bubbles he will always hide
One day his vision turned to darkness
Controless, he wandered through all the streets
His brain finally consumed by madness
In a drift with every step he meets
Ghostly white lights he sees while on the bed,
Four days passing by, it’s time to rest his head.

Fog - Alex Romano '19

I have a blurry vision no sight or direction
Nothing seems clear what is right, what is affection?
I am losing my mind
I can not see what I am trying to find
My sanity feels lost somewhere in this fog

Something moves about in the mist
It urges me to cease to exist
Turning and turning searching for vision
Walking with urgency to make a decision
Coming closer and closer to a calamity in this fog.

Untitled - Leah Bonis '19

I often miss those i've never met
It's a strange kind of longing
One not a likely to forget
A dream I could get
Where people don't let
Lives crumble

I often miss those i've yet to meet
Those who will change lives
Make them complete
I often miss those i've yet to meet
For I long for the bittersweet

I often miss those who have gone
Off to another time or place
Who have moved on
So fluidly
They feel they are leaving but know they never could
For they live in the hearts of those that still would

Untitled - Charlie Morton '19

The sun shines through the buildings on the street
Dangerous rain clouds lurking in the sky
People are looking for something to eat
But there is nothing out for them to buy
There is no life in harlem tonight
The People try to remain inside
Making no attempt to reunite
Around the corner their hands are tied
But it’s no different in any direction
These people search for a way out
Where they look all they see is a reflection
Which brings the people nothing but doubt
They do not know of another living
Because nothing in this city is forgiving

A Song of Praise for Our So-Called President - Carlo Kobe '19

Donald Trump was chosen by the electoral college,
And that has to be acknowledged,
However with the Popular Vote,
He had troubles like with his inauguration quote


A couple weeks into his administration
It already feels like a complete mutation,
The land of immigrants now enclosed,
A wall being build with purpose unexposed,
The Mexicans are gonna pay for it,
In the same world Sweden took a hit.


He also choose a punching ball,
Which is Cnn, the times and fake news at all,
Alternative Facts seems to be his way,
To let Kellyanne Conway deny the hairspray,
Spicer at the same time tells the press,
All about Donald trump's success
As well as his wardrobe,
Which apparently does not include a Bathrobe


The achievements trump reported in his Congress speech,
Caused democratic distress and bleach,
His pick for Supreme Court, Justice Gorsuch,
Says to all babies more such
Trump has similar respect for the other sex,
Which is why he touches them between their legs,


The environment is his favorite issue,
Because he wishes to:
Feel all temperatures like in Mar-a-Lago,
Where he often goes, taking Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in his cargo,
Supposedly you can take a selfie there,
With the person carrying a bag full of nuclear warfare,
As well as a idiotic billionaire,
wearing a tie, which covers more than his ideas for medical care.

Survival - Iain Frumiento '19

The speckled moon lights up the rocky path
The clouds rain down on me like crying tears
My shoes, they leave behind a trail of smears
To cover up the dreadful aftermath
I look throughout the woods for a cool bath
But to my luck, nothing seems to appear
I hope I am not stuck out here for years
Since I must watch out for an angry wrath
I try to keep a watch out through the night
For anything that that gives me survival
It seems like I am first to walk these woods
As there is not a sign of life in sight
I hope they’re open to my arrival
For I could use some more surviving goods

Like An Animal - Jose Bello '19

Like AN ANimal






Thrown        feels

by                 like

big              an Animal

Numb3rs         Hunted

To                  By men

BE                   and Protected

Catched          BY



               By millions

         Fame and Shame

   Can be brought upon you

Beyond the Bar: A Companion Poem to Crossing the Bar - Emma Skelton '19

The sun sets and stars shine,
Voices call out for me,
Condolences, all tumbling into a line,
For now you are out at sea.

Eyes closed, you do seem asleep,
Not a sound to be heard,
And now, at home, you are in the deep
No need to say a word.

Evening bells ring as twilight sets,
My world forever dark.
You said no sadness, no regrets,
But that was before you did embark.

Memories flash, Times and Places, like a play,
And I wonder where you are.
Perhaps we will meet again someday,
But for now you’re beyond the bar.